About Us


Found in 2005, METALLURGY is a leading jewellery designer,
distributor and retailer based in Singapore.

Metallurgy thrills and renews with its innovative style and
collection.  It is your answer to contemporary, creative and
stylish jewellery.  What’s more, eye opening offer of exciting
collections are available and ready to inspire or complement
all fashionistas alike.  Metallurgy jewellery collection hails
unique characteristics to accentuate bold, but never
overpowering, sleek and edgy designs, which ultimately
capture your exclusive style.  So, go on and dazzle with the
look you desire!
Stand out then, it’s your take...from simplicity to intense
diversity.  You have the Power to Create, Interpret, and Seek
your own strong and significant multifaceted styles...like the
spirit of METALLUGY...like YOU.

As its namesakes implies, Metallurgy is the technology of
metals: the way in which science is applied to their practical
use.  The visual pun on the word “METALLURGY” also
captures the essence of its jewellery’s pure unadulterated